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DC130 Interview: Giles Colborne, Author of Simple and Usable 2nd Edition



Author Giles Colborne returns to Design Critique to talk with Tim Keirnan about the new second edition of Simple and Usable: Web, Mobile, and Interaction Design. Simple and Usable is one of the best books on UX we've owned in our careers. The contents are simple and usable just as the title promises, and this is one book that both practitioners and stakeholders will benefit from reading. Giles and Tim talk for 40 minutes about various topics including Giles' career having progressed along with the UX profession across the decades, moving from basic website design to service design to organizational design. The physical design of the book reflects the theme, and the publisher did not stray from the successful book design of the first edition. How "get out of the office" is still of prime importance today and the crucial importance of field research with our users. Types of users Giles has observed in his career: experts, willing adopters, mainstreamers. The seductive danger of relying on expert users in our d