Top Dog Trading Podcast

Interview with Etienne Crete from “Desire to Trade”



My very first guest to be interviewed on this podcast is Etienne Crete from "Desire to Trade." He swing trades the Forex market, watching 15 pairs on multiple time frames, with an emphasis on looking at significant support and resistance zones and Bollinger Bands. His initial interest in trading began as a university student and he shares with us the biggest lessons he learned during his 2 year journey to becoming a successful trader. Here are just a few of the things discussed in this episode: Focus on the process, not just your expectations. How he incorporates his trading style with his lifestyle and love for travel. "The best winning strategy you can write on a napkin!" Why trading on an iPad didn't work well for him. After interviewing nearly 100 traders on his "Desire to Trade Podcast," what he found they all have in common. What pivotal event turned his trading around. Etienne's recommended books: "The Daily Trading Coach" by Brett N. Steenbarger. "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Maxwell