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Using Multiple Time Frames with Trend is a Terrible Idea!



TECHNICAL ANALYSIS HERESY OF THE DAY: Don't trade in the direction of the trend of the higher time frame. What do I mean by multiple time frames? The traditional teaching. Why that isn’t “optimal” Why you could get away with it in the past. Why you can’t get away with it now. My “heretical” teaching. Use momentum instead of trend on the higher time frame to confirm your trade on the lower time frame.   Get my free gift for you, for FREE, Top Dog Trading’s “Top 10 Trading Rules for Success.” These are 10 things I changed in my trading to become successful over the last 50 years. They’re also the top 10 things that have helped my students shift from move from losing money to making money. Bottom line, no general theories or abstract ideas here. This is the practical stuff that can really work to bring real and dramatic change to your trading results.. It’s a mini-course that contains a pdf Special Report and 3 videos. Get right now by simply going to: http://www.onlinetradingtowin.