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Is Bitcoin Really the “Next Big Thing?”



Is Bitcoin the Next Big Thing? CLICK HERE FOR THE FREE BITCOIN SPECIAL OFFER In the last episode I invited you to write me with your questions and the #1 question that came in was about cryptocurrencies. When you think of cryptocurrencies, most people think of Bitcoin. But there are 1,000s. I’d say 95% of them are ripoffs, or at least junk. Ethereum and Litecoin and a handful of others may have some future, but the big daddy is Bitcoin and that’s what the world is rallying around. I wasn't an early adapter of Bitcoin years ago, but now my opinion is that Bitcoin is not only here to stay, and we may be at the BEGINNING of a financial revolution: The CME Group, set a date this morning for the start of bitcoin futures trading – Monday, Dec. 18 The Chicago Board Options Exchange plans to launch its own bitcoin derivatives trading early next year. John Deters, chief strategy officer of CBOE told CNBC: "We've really come to the conclusion recently that that cryptocurrencies are here to stay." CBOE Fut