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Day Trading vs. Swing Trading: Which is Best for YOU?



Which is better? Day trading or swing trading? Each has advantages and disadvantages. Here's a comparison chart to help you decide which may be a better fit for you: DAY TRADING DEFINITION: In and out during open outcry hours. Use intraday charts. SWING TRADING DEFINITION Hold 2-14 days. Use daily and weekly charts. DAY TRADING ADVANTAGES: No overnight risk. Overnight you have peace of mind. Can compound your money faster. DAY TRADING DISADVANTAGES: Requires a good attention span. May need a larger account if trading stocks. Ask your broker about the pattern day trading rule. May be more stressful while you’re trading. Need to be “quick on the draw” and make decisions fast. Can lose money faster! Can rack up commission costs faster. Can’t do it during your “day job.” Exceptions: Spot Forex. Trading before work. Need better (more expensive) technology. Computer Internet connection Software Execution platform SWING TRADING ADVANTAGES: Can