Top Dog Trading Podcast

How the “Little Guy” Can Make Big Money in the Market!



The other day, I was asked “How can a little guy like me make money in the markets? Is it even possible?” I understand the question. In a world where power is controlled by: Big government. Big business. Where big money talks and can even buy you justice in the courtroom. It can be hard to believe that people like you and me stand a chance. People root for underdog. David vs. Golliath. Mom and Pop shop vs. Walmart. Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed. In trading perhaps the Institutions vs. the Retail Trader (you). On numerous occasions I’ve had people “How can the little guy make money in the markets?” You feel they have unfair advantages. That the markets are “fixed.” The markets are manipulated by the big money. Bottom line – you’re making excuses for yourself. So we seem to have it in our nature to root for the little guy or the underdog. Study done by Joseph Vandello of the University of South Florida: We tend to assume that the underdog has better personal character. This