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What's the Best Time Interval for Day Trading



WHAT'S THE BEST TIME INTERVAL FOR DAY TRADING? THE 5 RULES: The size of your trading account. Can’t risk more than 2% of your trading account on any one given trade. This is from entry to protective stop. If holding overnight, then is risk of your hedge. Keep going smaller in time interval, and find what the risk is on 80% of those trades and if it’s more than 2%, then you have to go to a shorter time interval. Avoid the noise. Make sure your patterns and trade setups are happening consistently and that it’s not too short of a time interval. How much time do you need to see your setup, analyze the setup, and execute the trade with confidence. This may change over time as you get more comfortable with your trading method. Your psychological need for trade frequency. Shorter time intervals give you more trades. Getting bored and distracted is a big problem in trading. The average daily volume of the market you’re trading. The more volume it trades … The more volume it trades