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David Wygant Interview: The Trading Psychology Challenges of a New Stock Trader, Part 1



David Wygant is a life and relationships coach who reaches over 1.7 million people every month. Recently he set out to master the profession of day trading the stock market. In this episode I talk to David about his new journey and it was a fascinating discussion. It became a very organic and spontaneous discussion with many unexpected turns including: How techniques for attracting women apply to trading. How an individual's unique personal history influences their trading success or failure. What you can learn from Bill Belichick about trading stocks. ... in fact we ended up talking quite a bit about football (American football that is). In this podcast you're getting an inside, candid, personal, informal, even voyeuristic experience between David & I. Sit back and enjoy! ABOUT DAVID WYGANT David is a Life Changer, Social Strategist, Dating & Relationship Coach. 1.7 million men & women go to him every month to find the secrets to success. After 20 years of coaching, he's discovered the golden ke