Top Dog Trading Podcast

Frustrated with Your Trading Results? Here's the Solution!



Can day trading be profitable? Can it even make you rich, or will it make you broke? The same could be asked for swing trading in any market, whether it's Forex, the stock market, E-minis or futures. Today I answer a question from a frustrated trader who has been trying (unsuccessfully) to be profitable for 10 years! Enjoy! Get One of my Favorite Trade Strategies for Free: “The Rubber Band Trade.” Today you’re going to get 2 Freebies: #1. Get one of my favorite trade strategies called “The Rubber Band Trade” which has an extremely high win/loss ratio. It’s a simple trade you can learn in about 26 short minutes. Get my Rubber Band Trade Strategy absolutely free by simply going to: This trade strategy is so good that I personally use it every day it sets up, and you can try with no obligation, and prove to yourself that it works for you as well. #2. Get my “Cycle Indicator” for Precision Market Entry Triggers. I use this indicator on EVERY trade I take. It works for day