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How Much Do Day Traders Make?



How much money do day traders really make? How much do Forex, stocks, futures and options traders make in a day? Learn more in this podcast episode. I'm often asked, what is the average income of a day trader and what is the day trading success rate. Listen to this episode of the Top Dog Trading Podcast for a realistic answer. Enjoy! Get One of my Favorite Trade Strategies for Free: “The Rubber Band Trade.” Today you’re going to get 2 Freebies: #1. Get one of my favorite Top Dog Trading strategies called “The Rubber Band Trade” which has an extremely high win/loss ratio. It’s a simple trade you can learn in about 26 short minutes. Get my Rubber Band Trade Strategy absolutely free by simply going to: This trade strategy is so good that I personally use it every day it sets up, and you can try with no obligation, and prove to yourself that it works for you as well. #2. Get my “Cycle Indicator” for Precision Market Entry Triggers. I use this indicator on