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APG 483 – Defending Our Honor



Our crew today: Dr. Steph, Captains Nick and Jeff. Join us for the latest in aviation news, your feedback, and this week's Plane Tale: "The Asoh Defence." Photo Credit: David Abbey, Nick Anderson [00:02:23] NEWS [00:02:41] EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021 [00:22:03] TriMG 737 Unstable Approach and Hard Landing at Paro (Bhutan) [00:29:36] Phenom 300 Boston Logan [00:51:22] Frontier Passenger Duck-Taped to Seat [00:54:31] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:25:19] COFFEE FUND [01:28:16] FEEDBACK [01:28:29] Gez - Phonetic Alphabet [01:39:09] Matt - Cheap Parts [01:43:08] Gary - Why We Don’t Fly Close to Obstruction Lights [01:46:04] Col Jeff - "Fasten Your Seatbelt" [01:50:04] PLANE TALES - Four Instructors Went Into a Bar [02:12:12] FO Rico - My Aviation Story [02:31:55] Larry - Gate names at Tulsa, Aircraft Names Article [02:37:51] Lydon - Goofy Things [02:52:55] Spencer - Update on His Check Ride VIDEO Don't see the video? Click this to watch it on YouTube! ABOUT RADIO ROGER “Radio Rog