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Better eyesight without glasses (feat. Peter Grunwald) #347



Improve eyes, brain and body – and teaches to let go of glasses forever. Simultaneously and naturally. I've gone down a proper rabbit hole since speaking to Peter. I now do eye exercises every day! Natural eyesight expert Peter Grunwald has such an incredible story. As you'll hear, I've been reading his book and cannot believe how he improved his eyesight from frankly terrible, to no glasses at all. One of the many interesting things in the podcast concerns the link between the cornea and the body, and simple exercises such as 'sunning' and 'cupping' and help our eyesight no end. Also in this podcast, a brief update on how my stats were after doing ProLon for a week. I've analysed my Oura ring heart rate variability and heart rate stats with some interesting results. Sign up on the site and get exclusive extra content, a regular ‘3 Zesty Things' newsletter and slightly blurry shots taken on my phone. THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: INSIDE TRACKER: If you want to optimize and biohack and be at your be