Simon Scholes

How much planning do you do - The Social Media Podcast



OH CRAP!!!! How often do you say those words when you realise it’s Monday, you’ve nothing planned for your marketing content and you’ve not posted anything on social media for a few weeks, so then you end up posting something on instagram, then something different on twitter and a video on youtube about a totally different subject matter again. You cannot approach marketing in a scattergun approach. Look at what the big brands do with their marketing, and understand that what they’re doing will work for you, just maybe needs a little modification as they already have a name and followers, you on the other hand may not, YET, but that can be built on. Planning is so important for all marketing and I want to keep re-iterating this point this week to keep you on track with it. So, if you want to discuss your marketing plan for the rest of the year, drop me a line (link in my profile) Email: SOCIAL MEDIA ► Snapchat - ★ Twitter - ht