Simon Scholes

Pinata Day - The Social Media Podcast



Today is #pinataday if you’re in a businesses marketing department we feel we have to hit everything, every single day, especially when it comes to social media. The biggest difficulty for most places is actually connected to social media spend. Don’t get me wrong, I talk about FREE content all the time and doing as much as you can with content to put out your value organically. However, there comes a point that you have to also think seriously about your sales messages, and this is where actually speaking to a professional to help is a good idea. I was actually speaking to a business this morning about their content or lack there of and they mentioned how they’d used Facebook ad’s but they hadn’t worked so they stopped using them. As I pointed out, it’s not the ad’s that didn’t work they just didn’t do them right. Even their content was ok, but, unless you’ve taken the time to actually learn how to niche down your audience the right way on your content then the chances are it will be a total waste of