Simon Scholes

Independent Bookstore Day - The Social Media Podcast



ARE YOU BLOGGING YET? So, when did you last write a blog for your brand or business? When looking at taking your brand from being known locally to nationally and really using the “How to 9 x your social media” you need a content plan, because one of the ways you'll take your brand up a gear is by being consistent in your marketing messages week on week and most importantly being regular with your content. The gateway to being regular with your content is the blog, and your plan can help with this, tying your weekly content in with events, subjects that are relevant to your audience at the specific time of year. The blog WILL help you create so much more than just the one written piece of content. It WILL help you with a structure for regular long-form video content on the subject matter be it live or recorded. It WILL help you create memes, short-form video, podcasts, etc. All these can be used across multiple social media channels where your audience is, and help you really start to speak to people y