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Supplements for anti-aging - Leslie Kenny #346



Leslie Kenny founded Oxford Healthspan to identify anti-aging compounds with strong clinical safety profiles and bring them to market as nutritional supplements. Spermidine is the first of those compounds. Prepare to be impressed by the longevity research and potential in this podcast.  Sign up on the site and get exclusive extra content, a regular ‘3 Zesty Things' newsletter and slightly blurry shots taken on my phone. THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: BiOptimizers: We all cheat sometimes. So it just makes sense to have a way to maintain healthy blood sugar day in, day out, even if you have an “off” day. That’s why I recommend a product called Blood Sugar Breakthrough by BiOptimizers. This easy to take supplement is the result of numerous tests to find the absolute best formula for maintaining healthy blood sugar. In fact, BiOptimizers went through 5 different formulations before landing on this one. Blood Sugar Breakthrough works to safely lower blood sugar after meals so that you can maintain a healthy weigh