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Edition 72 - Stewart Pearce - "The Alchemy Of Voice" The Esoteric Voice Coach



Stewart is an esotericist and world renowned voice coach who has worked with some of the most famous people on the planet. His professional life began in the early 1970s having trained as an Actor/Teacher specializing in voice & theatre studies during a time when as Stewart describes, "many Repertory Theatres burgeoned throughout the United Kingdom, allowing one to learn the exciting spell-craft of the Actor". Stewart has also taught Theatre Studies. Whilst in New England Stewart says he discovered much about his spiritual lineage through a series of remarkable encounters with natural landscapes, spiritual teachers and transcendental visions. These ‘rites of passage’ began preparing him for the unfolding pathway of work as a Sound Healer, Seer, Actor, Also the start of a journey into Shamanism. In 1980 his career as a Voice Coach began and In 1981 he became the Head of Voice at the prestigious ‘Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art’, continuing until 1998. After several years of using his abilities to pe