Phd Career Stories

#016: Fatma Guettou Story



In episode 16 of PhD Career Stories, Fatma Guettou shares the story of her transition from academia to industry and gives us a few tips and tricks on how to successfully complete the journy.   Fatma is a structural biologist with a PhD in X-ray crystallography from Karolinska Institutet. After completing her PhD, Fatma moved to Munich for a postdoc position in the field of cryo-electron microscopy. However, she soon made a career transition to the industry and is currently working as a crystallographer at Medivir. Fatma is involved in drug discovery projects where her main responsibility is to understand how proteins and drugs interact. The structural information generated by X-ray crystallography is very useful for the design of new and improved drug molecules. In this “tips & tricks”-themed episode Fatma will share 4 tips that she found useful throughout her career pathway.