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Multiple Sclerosis Discovery -- Episode 15 with Professor Ludwig Kappos



[intro music]   Host – Dan Keller  Hello, and welcome to Episode Fifteen of Multiple Sclerosis Discovery, the podcast of the MS Discovery Forum. I’m your host, Dan Keller.   This week’s podcast features an interview with Professor Ludwig Kappos about a recent head-to-head clinical trial of the experimental drug, daclizumab, versus interferon. But to begin, here's a brief summary of some of the latest developments on the MS Discovery Forum at   We recently released a news synthesis by science writer, Carol Morton, that goes along with this podcast. The article is all about daclizumab, its history, and the recent results of the phase 3 clinical trial. The results of the clinical trial show that the drug is better than interferon at reducing disease activity in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Surprisingly, recent research suggests that daclizumab works by natural killer cells to target autologous T cells. It may also work in two more unusual ways—go to our website to read t