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Multiple Sclerosis Discovery -- Episode 16 with Dr. Revere "Rip" Kinkel



[intro music]   Hello, and welcome to Episode Sixteen of Multiple Sclerosis Discovery, the podcast of the MS Discovery Forum. I’m your host, Dan Keller.   This week’s podcast features an interview with Dr. Revere “Rip” Kinkel about how to improve patient outreach. But to begin, here is a brief summary of some of the latest developments on the MS Discovery Forum at   First, researchers are questioning if cognitive MS is a distinct entity. For some patients with MS, cognitive symptoms dominate over all other symptoms. Some of the symptoms could even be described as dementia. Researchers examined a small sample of this distinct subset of patients in a recent study in Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery and found that many had severe brain atrophy and a high lesion load. While the results suggest that cognitive MS may be a distinct disease entity, the researchers are cautious not to draw any conclusions due to the small sample size and the weight of the term “dementia”.   An experimental oral age