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Toxaprevent - the full story (feat. Dilkiran Kular) #345



This podcast might blow your mind. This little supplement has gone through so much research. It's one of my absolute favourites. What are Toxaprevent Medi PURE Capsules used for? Targets the lower digestive tract (small intestine and colon) Strengthen the intestinal barrier Intestinal permeability Histamine Intolerance Food Intolerance Regenerates intestinal mucosa Removes heavy metals (e.g. mercury and lead), histamine and ammonium Removes environmental pollutants and irritants TONY’S THOUGHTS: I’ve found a huge benefit to taking this supplement. The tests they’ve carried out on histamine removal in the stomach are fairly astonishing. Many of my symptoms start in the gut, and this is well worth a go. I take it on an empty stomach with a flare-up, and half an hour before a high-histamine meal too. Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor or health practitioner before starting any treatment program. ⁣This is not advice, it is intended for information and discussion only.⁣⁣⁣ Ships worldwide