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5 Things Entrepreneurs Must Tell Their Spouse



In this episode, we are going to break down the full disclosure What Every Entrepreneur MUST tell their spouse BEFORE start-up Hi! Brett here. I decided to write today because - as the entrepreneur in the relationship I feel I have some confessions to make.  Maybe some apologies. You see, every entrepreneur has a few confessions to make and the sooner they clear the air, the better the relationship will be.  Full disclosure is key to success in business and marriage. NO! I can not turn it off and I will always be coming up with another AMAZING opportunity. I LOVE business trips and masterminds.  Those people ROCK! It does not mean that I like them better than you - but they think like me.   You will probably wonder if I am having an affair or something because of all the late nights, meetings, phone calls and rendezvous' I will have. I promise I am not! We might be really broke for a while.  I hope not long. But just so you know. Please tell the kids that I love them, I am not dead, and that the zombie l