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Loss of Empathy and Compassion | Marriages Worth Millions | The Love Entrepreneurs | Brett and Gina Judd



82% of adults stated that they feel it is rude to use their phones and devices during a conversation or meeting, yet 89% admit they will still do it.  Empathy in the U.S. has dropped 40% since the 1980's and this has a dramatic impact on our social connection.   Modern youth are less likely to respond favorably to the statement "I sometimes try to understand my friends better by imagining how thinks look from their perspective." Brett and Gina udd - The Love Entrepreneurs - and founders of Fortunes and families/Marriages Worth Millions discuss the loss of empathy and 3 ways that you can regain connection in order to deepen relationships.  Be sure to be part of the RelationTIPS! weekly email and get relationship enhancing information and tools right to your email.