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Intimacy without the 90 Day Sex Fast



All month we have been talking about our Affection Intimacy and Sex training series and that it is on special for our listeners at   remember promo code o c t 15   This week in a very interesting interview, Terry Crews - you might remember him as the loud muscle popping Old Spice spokesman said he and his wife just completed a 90 sex fast.   Today we are going to talk about affection intimacy and sex and why Crews is right that this did increase the love and intimacy in their relationship and how when you learn the real reasons why this helped them you can do it too. We are going to discuss the 3 levels sexual intimacy according to relationship expert Sue Johnson and how you can increase the love and connection and intimacy in your relationship without A 90 DAY FAST.   This week, Terry Crews - former NFL player, TV spokesman and Sitcom actor stated he and his wife just completed a 90 day sex fast.  He discussed how it actually drew them together and that they are more i