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Why Do Relationships Hurt So Bad?



Fortunes and Families. Two opposing forces in the lives of entrepreneurs. One network of podcasts to bridge the gap and make your Marriage Worth Millions and Increase The R.O.I. in the Boardroom and the Bedroom. Your Marriage Made Easy - Gina Judd, wife of a life-long entrepreneur and successful marriage therapist teaches the foundational tools and skills you need to make a marriage as fantastic as possible against any odds. PEP Talks - hosted by Brett Judd, looks at the tools, insights, and systems needed to build High Production Teams with the Practice Leadership Formula programs he coaches on. PEP talks addresses the four stresses of dental practices - staff issues, patients, cash-flow, and stress related emotional and mental health. Brett brings the skills and understanding of team development and human behavior to PEP Talks and has been called The Practice Therapist by many. Whether you are the entrepreneur or married to one, Fortunes and Families network of shows will help you build a Profitable Ethical Practice and a Marriage Worth Millions. Go to or to learn more.