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Don't Get Between The Hammer And The Nail | Brett and Gina Judd | Fortunes and Families



Have you ever felt like you stepped between the hammer and the nail? That is exactly what it can feel like when an entrepreneur and their spouse don't understand each other and are not on the same page.   In this episode of Fortunes and Families Brett and Gina Judd - The Love Entrepreneurs - discuss ways that you can come together as a partnership and actually increase the profitability, the resilience, and the ability to stretch as a business builder and entrepreneur.   They discuss how vulnerability is actually a strength and when you leverage it it will increase your ability to grow your business.  Brett discusses how Nick Burton of applied the principle of increasing the ROI in the bedroom and it increased his 25% in 5 months and saved him $80,000 + in oporating costs and wages. Business can actually bring a couple together and when yo learn to apply the relationship binding skills in this episode, you will Increase The ROI In The Boardroom AND The Bedroom!!