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Sex and Money - Legally making more or both | For Love And Money ep. 2| Brett and Gina Judd



SEX Sells!!   We've all heard it. Maybe we have even been swayed into a product because of it.   Did you know that sex also makes you better at sales?  The better your sex life, the better your drive and creativity in business.  In Ep. 2 of For LOVE & Money, Brett and Gina discuss the power of sex and how you can talk your way into better sex - tonight.   Sex is the great barometer in a relationship.  It is the litmus test for the closeness and connection that the couple have. The more often and the better the sex, the deeper the connection , the better the communication, and the stronger the love. Research has also validated Napoleon Hill's assertion that a good sex life leads to better business.  When the relationship is strong and stable, the sex life will increase, and the stronger the relationship the more able the entrepreneur is in creating, testing, stretching, and rebounding.  We have a special offer for you to help you increase the ROI in your bedroom.