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Why are poor couples happy and rich divorce? | For Love And Money | Brett and Gina Judd



What make some couples wildly happy even though they are dirt poor and others fail even with loads of money? Get Talk You Way To Better Sex Tonight - 10 Conversations you need to have about sex, at Ever thought to yourself  "I can’t quit and retire because I would never be able to afford her spending”   “It seemed the more money I made, the more money she needed” Many entrepreneurs feels this way and the emotional and relationship strain that many couples feel about money can devastate them.   So What is it? What makes some couples draw together and other pull apart? Can you make it? And what does it take to build a Marriage Worth Millions?   The scarcity abundance paradox is that when there is scarcity in any part of the relationship i.e. affection, closeness, connection – we will seek out abundance for our needs where ever that can be found – shopping, spa, fishing, sports, affairs.   “As long as we are united” was a phrase Gina brought up and stated that when couples und