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PEP Talks | Motivation for High Production Teams | Brett M. Judd



PEP Talks episode 3  Motivating your team. In this episode, Brett M. Judd addresses-   Equal is not fair. Motiovation goes far beyond money and the pooled bonus.  It is not about extra earned PTO. The only way to truly motivate your teams is to Say YES you are there for them and to meet their individual needs so taht they will meet yours and the collective needs of the practice. Go to and get the free motivation cheat sheet. Learning the power and art of constructive motivation is one of the fastest ways to boost team productivity. While you are there, be sure to schedule your practice wellness consultation call. Every practice has areas it can improve, and I will help you identify the wholes that are costing you thousands is revenue, and close the gaps to your Profitable Ethical Practice. Equal is not fair. There is no fairness in reality. Fair is not equal.   The 80/20 rule of fairness. College group work. Who is getting the bonus without putting in the work? One of the most fa