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PEPTalks 0004 | Compassionately Indifferent | Profitable Ethical Practice



In this episode, I will address -  Compassionate or calloused. Finding emotional balance and the ability to be compassionately Indifferent is key to success. A Recent conversation in a group of professionals on who to deal with stressful clients. Lots of varied and effective strategies.  Then... “I choose not to care and I work out.” In this episode, I am going to address the balance between being too compassionate and putting up walls that leave you cold and calloused. A successful practice is built on the balance of caring just enough not to care too much and practice values that say We C.A.R.E. I will explain that in depth. I will also give you a very simple question to use to self-evaluate and keep the emotional entanglement in check. I’ll finish off by exploring the 3 reasons that it is financially vital to find emotional balance. The delicate dance between over caring, and not caring at all. Let’s start with discussing the why. Why is it so important to develop the ability to be compassionately indiffer