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PEP Talks 0005 |When Patients (and Staff) make stupid comments | Brett M. Judd



PEP Talks dental practice leadership and team building for the millennial age.  I spent some time in a few forums that were talking about the rude, idiotic, or worse things that patients and customers say.  In this episode of PEP Talks I will address the comments, the reactions and give some simple solutions to help you when the next insensitive person opens their mouth. I will talk about how to interact with them and what to say in response to these statements – even statements that seem insulting. I discuss ... Why stress and fear are the driving causes of crazy statements.  The neurological and biological reason that logical people become so illogical.  And I give you a very simple verbal tool to reflect and deflect the insult that some of these comments can bring.  If you would like more information and insights regarding how to deal with patients and staff, go to