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Biohack your adrenaline levels (feat. Dr. Michael E. Platt) #339



Are your adrenaline levels too high? Probably. But how do you bring them down?  This podcast explains why people produce this "fight-or-flight" hormone even when they are not facing danger. It presents a natural protocol for rapidly reducing excess adrenaline. I'm 100% doing this. Dr. Michael Platt is board certified in Internal Medicine and has nearly four decades of experience working with patients in varied clinical settings from medical groups to elder care medicine to health research. He has also written the best-selling book on Amazon on the topic of... adrenaline!   THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: INSIDE TRACKER: If you want to optimize and biohack and be at your best, it’s worth doing some detailed health testing.  I’ve been using a company that can do it all at home.  InsideTracker is an ultra-personalized performance system that analyzes data from your blood, DNA, lifestyle and fitness tracker to help you optimize your body and reach your health & wellness goals.  So what about my