Hungry Cliff Podcast

138: Royal Dank



More Than You Deserver Spoofing, Dead Pinger For Love, and If It Ain't Brute, Force It. This week on the Hungry Cliff podcast, the team talks about musicals, computer security, and a lot of food. Who has gained the most pasta weight? What do Mystery Oreos taste like this year? What kind of meatloaf are we talking about, exactly? Find out what might sound like the answers to these questions and more on another exciting episode of the Hungry Cliff podcast!   Links: Zumba at HitFit with Jessica Houston Olive Garden Pasta Pass 2017 WPA2 security flaw Bat out of Hell - The Musical Royal Dansk... again Mystery Oreos Little Shop of Horrors Sweet Heat Starburst Sweet Heat Skittles Movies Anywhere   Don't forget you can support Hungry Cliff by going to our Shop at the top of our page or by using our Amazon and iTunes Search Boxes on our site. Also, Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes so you don't miss a thing! And if you want to help us out some more, please review us on iT