Hungry Cliff Podcast

144: Mr Holland's Surprise (feat. Stephanie and Nadia Silanskas)



Green tea with ginsangria and honey, Arnold Paloma, and Mai taikey. With the summer movie season starting earlier and earlier thanks to Disney, we thought we'd jump on the galactic train, too, by kicking off our Summer of Friends series this week with Stephanie and Nadia Silanskas! We'll chat about childhoods, current events, being British, not being British, and a variety of other topics including one very important announcement. Who has been drinking watermelon cocktails at an alarmingly early hour? Who is wearing an unbuttoned shirt?  What type of food will we consume this time? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more this week on the Hungry Cliff podcast.   Links (see our affiliate links disclosure here): Very British Problems Mala Mala Game Reserve Teddington, England Tasty Cake Donuts - Key Lime and Lemon Arizona Watermelon Cocktail "Mummy" - The Queen's 92nd Birthday Rolling of the Eyes Michael Cotty and The Col Collective (bicyclist extraordinaire)   Don’t forget you can support Hungry