Hungry Cliff Podcast

151: You Had Me At Marshmallow (feat. Stephanie and Nadia Silanskas)



We See the Stoplight, Will Power Steering, and I Love the Highway. On this episode of the Hungry Cliff podcast, the Summer of Friends series concludes with returning special guests Stephanie and Nadia Silanskas! We chat about other podcasts of interest, embarrassing rentals at Blockbuster (in what decade?), and theme park attraction quality. What does an instant cake in a mug taste like? What is proper etiquette at a four-way stop? Who has the most sedentary job on set? Find out the answers to these questions (if we feel like answering them) this week on the Hungry Cliff podcast!     Links (see our affiliate links disclosure here): Hamilcast - the podcast about the musical Matthew McConaughey's McConaissance Go! Cakes - the best instant cake mix you can buy in a convenience store The stately marshmallow plant 13 Going on 30 - can we admit to watching this? Dark Knight Trilogy Avatar Something Rotten! - a musical Sinbad ride at Tokyo Disney Sea Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom Skull Island: Reign of Kong at