Hungry Cliff Podcast

155: Chapterhouse: Boom



Lady Jessica is Hitch Wild, Duncan was fine in Arena Quint, and Paul couldn't comprehend the Sky Vow Element. On this episode of the Hungry Cliff podcast, we're putting the team back together for a discussion of the events we can remember for the last six months. Examples include the new Dune trailer, writing playable game prototypes on Lua, and Pokemon with Pedro's kids. Jessica and David also present an announcement completely unrelated to quarantine. What plan has the best weight loss claim? Who will start talking about The Office again? What do robots have to do with anything? Find out the answers we propose this week on the Hungry Cliff podcast!   Links (see our affiliate links disclosure here): Otis Bay - Game Otis Bay - Playthrough Otis Bay - Teaser Trailer 12 Monkeys TV show Libby library cards Bushido Lua Robot Carnival Kevin James audio boom guy GDevelop Merlin NBC Mini-Series   Don’t forget you can support Hungry Cliff by going to our Shop at the top of our page or by using our Amazon and iTunes S