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Ep. 574: Common Diseases caused by Mold and Lyme



Law of Attraction Mastery Course- the ONLY time it will be live   Mold and Lyme Summit   Early Bird Pricing Ends on May 31st for Manifestation Bootcamp in Los Angeles in October   As a survivor of IBS, Lyme Disease and Mold Illness, Dr. Mueller is passionate about bringing research, understanding and compassion to those with these diseases. She has co-authored with her husband, Dr. Miles Nichols, a book which is to be released in May 2021 called Use Your Mind to Heal Your Mold and Lyme. Her practice, the Medicine with Heart Clinic, treats those around the country. She also co-owns an online functional medicine school the Medicine with Heart Institute, where she trains clinicians around the world in functional medicine.   Book: Use Your Mind to Heal Your Mold and Lyme   14 Day Happiness Challenge:   Functional Medicine Training Institu