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Ep. 577: How to Activate Your Wishes



Manifestation Bootcamp in Los Angeles in October   Alexa Fischer is a teacher, author, and entrepreneur whose work shares the common goal of helping people go after their dreams, build their confidence, and break free from fear. From CEOs and non-profit organizations to those with big ideas but no plan in place, she finds most often that their greatest untapped resource is their own light. Her teaching centers on how to access that light practically and daily, and how to create real change from within. With over 125K online students for her confidence courses and clients from top companies such as Trader Joe's, IBM, Sony, Google, and her work helps people shine. She’s also the creator of the goal-setting, wish-granting jewelry company Wishbeads and author of the book Wishwork. Her company has a mission: to inspire millions of people to make exciting wishes, take action, put in the work, and make those wishes come true. Wishbeads have been featured on The View, Good Morning Ame