Fit 2 Love: Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Fitness For The Happy Life You Deserve

Ep. 586: Allowing Your Voice and Growth



Get your ticket to the Manifestation Bootcamp in October!   Shannon Leclerc resides in Providence, Rhode Island.  She first connected to learning about JJ in 2014 through yearning for the right podcast to move her soul while she moved her body during workouts.  Since then, she has attended two live events hosted by JJ.  Shannon seeks to create a life she’s proud of - This is her first podcast but spends time speaking to her experience at JJ’s event.  She’s so appreciative to share her voice and only hopes it can reach and resonate with one other person.   Veronica Turner is an herbalist out of Texas, moving to Colorado soon.  She has been studying herbalism with the understanding that it is a lifelong learning experience.  Veronica first got a taste of ancestral medicine from her great grandmother & grandmother while growing up & has used these practices while raising her own family.  She is ready to help anyone willing to learn how to use herbalism to balance out their