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Living a sustainable life - (feat. Prof. Tim Jackson) #338



Today's guest has been feted by everyone from Prince Charles to The Guardian newspaper. He represents one of the deepest thinkers we've had on Zestology, and I wanted to explore with him what type of life we want to lead in 5, 10, and 20 years time. His book Post Growth explores everything from living through a pandemic, what really matters, whether capitalism is broken and other topics of proper depth. Stick with it as you'll love it. I started by asking him a worrying question which was on my mind. Sign up on the site and get exclusive extra content, a regular ‘3 Zesty Things' newsletter and slightly blurry shots taken on my phone. THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: BiOptimizers: We all cheat sometimes. So it just makes sense to have a way to maintain healthy blood sugar day in, day out, even if you have an “off” day. That’s why I recommend a product called Blood Sugar Breakthrough by BiOptimizers. This easy to take supplement is the result of numerous tests to find the absolute best formula for maintaining he