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ITMC 08-31-2015 - Disney Infinity 3.0, Star Wars and Disneyland Half Marathons, Force Friday



The Force is strong with us Inside The Mouse Castle this week. Just about every story Tim and Anthony bandy about has some connection to Star Wars. This wasn't by design. It's just how the news stream happens sometimes. We like it.   Tim starts with his first impressions of Disney Infinity 3.0 and the Star Wars play set that comes with it: Twilight of the Republic. With the help of Tim's grandkids, they gave it a good run over the weekend. The kids loved it. Tim liked the look of TOTR--and certainly felt the Star Wars characters are welcome--but he couldn't help but feel this was just more of the same from Disney Infinity. Quest, destroy bad guys, rinse, repeat.   Here's what else we've got on today's show. It's more fun than shooting womp rats in Beggar's Canyon: How many box office records will Star Wars: The Force Awakens break after it opens on December 18th? We're pretty sure its opening weekend number are going to be through the roof. Industry analysts are predicting a $615 million opening--the biggest