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ITMC 10-05-2015 - The Vanishing Rivers of America and Disneyland's Annual Pass Price Increase



Hey, did you hear? Disneyland Annual Passport prices went up. The news was breaking over the weekend just as Tim and Anthony were about to record this week's show. While they didn't have all the info when they fired up the mikes, they certainly got the gist of things. One thousand dollar top level Annual Passports. That's pretty much all anyone needs to know. Do you think the new prices are worth it? Or is outrage more your style? Tim and Anthony offer their takes in this week's edition of Inside The Mouse Castle. Then there's that Rivers of America thing at Disneyland. Seems a chunk of the river and the north part of Tom Sawyer Island are going to get chopped off to make room for the new Star Wars Land expansion. That also means a rerouting of the Disneyland Railroad. MiceChat posted a rough sketch of what they believe will be the new layout. Disneyland has confirmed that RoA will change, but they haven't confirmed exactly how much yet. The Children's Hospital of Orange County partners with Disneyland this