Bros B4 Elbows Pro Wrestling Show

The WWE Has Burned All Its Goodwill Episode



Hey, remember when WWE was riding high off of a successful two night WrestleMania 36 weekend run? We don’t either.    Not sure if your Bros are sad, mad, or just flat out disappointed with every single step WWE has taken over the last two weeks, but we’re here to talk about it all. Episode 119.0 of the show stumbles into WWE’s massive layoffs over the last few days. How did we get here? What could have WWE done differently to prevent such a massive PR blunder coupled with the darkest side of a corporation being soulless?    Who’s potential did WWE squander the most, possible landing spots for new free agents, why Zack Ryder deserved better, how could they mess up EC3 at every single turn, in memory of blowing it with Rusev Day, and so many more topics get future endeavored this week.    The Bros B4 Elbows team has seen a lot, but we still don’t know what to make of it. Be confused with your fav trio of pro wrestling podcasting brothers on a brand new episode of the Bros B4 Elbows show.