Bros B4 Elbows Pro Wrestling Show

The No Mercy & Origin Episode



Every story has to start somewhere. For reasons we don’t really understand, this was the episode where your favorite pro wrestling podcast featuring three brothers decided to discuss their own origin story.    Not just the early days of recording the show, instead episode 122.0 travels back to 1998 to discuss the very beginning. Playing WWF No Mercy, breaking a week old bed due to Razor’s Edge gone wrong, WCW pay-per-views and lots of pizza, and more jump in our own DeLorean to talk life as pro wrestling fans in the late 90s.    Oh, and Otis becoming Mr. Money Bank, Askua’s place in history, prerecorded ladder matches, and one host flying on an airplane during a global pandemic get some shine as well.    A Bros B4 Elbows origin story? Hey, it only took us 122 episodes.