Laguna Hardcore Podcast

EP 04 Laguna Hardcore Podcast - Ramil Minas, Alain Bascon Colcol & Boi Piodos - 02.15.17



4th Episode of Laguna Hardcore Radio / Podcast! With our special guests Ramil Minas (Brain Salad/Divided We Fall), Alain John Bascon Colcol (Collision/Divided We Fall & Boi Piodos (Aggressive Dog Attack) Check it out!! February 15, 2017 @ Starmax Coffee, San Pedro, Laguna PLAYLIST: 01.Walk Me Home - Never Were (Laguna) 02.Limitbreak - Act As One (Baguio City) 03.Antropine - Downfall (Pasig City) 04.Boundary - Stand Up And Fight (Cebu City) 05.Badburn - The Pain Strikes (Manila) 06.A.D.A. - Mahal Ako Ng Gobyerno (Laguna) 07.Divided We fall - Start For Something New (Laguna) 08.Collision - I Don't Care (Laguna/Manila) 09.Some Came Running - Society (Manila) 10.Torque Down - Losing Fear (Laguna/Canada-Based) 11.Divided We Fall - Holyname (Laguna) 12.A.D.A. - 49 Seconds Of Noise (Laguna) 13.Dienasty - Keep Going (Cagayan De Oro) 14.Life//Lost - Wildfires (Laguna) 15.Defiant - Cornerstone (Baguio City) 16.Throw - Walang Hustisya (Manila) 17.Riflekid - Rash and Grin (Rizal) 18.Hail Hydra - Nowhere To Be Found (Lag