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YouTube's censorship of ivermectin videos



Over the last two weeks YouTube has taken down five of the videos about ivermectin that the FLCCC has had playing on their channel for weeks/months due to it violating their "medical misinformation policy". So why might that be? In this episode of the Sean Burke Show I review YouTube's policy so you know what not to do, as well as some of the companies YouTube's parent, Alphabet, owns that presents a serious conflict of interest on their part. I then show you the videos taken down so you can see what YouTube didn't want you to know. Here are some links relevant to today's show: Watch this show on YouTube: The website for the FLCCC: Dr. Kory's testimony in front of the Senate committee on December 8, 2020: YouTube's Medical Misinformation Policy: The page on Merck's website showing a Google executive as a board member: