4th & Inches

Inches Channel Finds a New Home | 2 Inches, Vol. III



Welp, our old server at Podcasts.com broke... You can still listen to all previous episodes from the channel at this link, but we lost the ability to upload new content. So welcome to the new Inches Channel hosted by Anchor! --- Mike and Vero linked up for a show on May 2nd, but you never heard it because the server fritzed out... So here's that:  Not This Again (Mike Returns) | 2 Inches, Vol. III Mike returns to the channel after a long hiatus...There was no shortage of laughs as the Disgusting Duo roasted Tone like a thanksgiving turkey for not answering their calls. They also discuss the 2021 NFL Draft and their clothing preferences while doing a number two. You really don't want to miss this episode of 2 Inches.  (Make sure you re-subscribe to this new channel, so new episodes will be delivered to your notifications!)