Create & Inspire Podcast with Aunia Kahn

16: Marketing Your Artwork/Creations Online



ABOUT THIS EPISODE  Ah, art marketing! The thing most artists and creatives hate about having a career in the arts.  Marketing is so important, however, it’s sadly missed as a part of the everyday process of being a working artist. Most artists and creatives just want to create pretty things, and hope that their work gets seen and sold, but that never happens without some effort in marketing. For example, if you had 100% of a day, it is said at the very least, 20% of that time should be spent marketing. Yet, some of the most successful artists and business people of the world treat it more as a 50/50 ratio. There are many ways to market your work; from social networking, contests, works in progress shots, going places to meet people and also giving back to your community. Marketing can be creative and fun, but if you don’t like it anyway I spin it, the truth that it’s still a necessary aspect of a successful career in the arts.  SHOW QUOTES The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little ext