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18: 30 Inspirational Tips to Artists from Other Creatives (2 of 3)



ABOUT EPISODE In Episode 18 we have our second installation of advice from 30 artists, galleries owners, magazine editors, authors, creative business owners, etc answering this question: “If you could give one bit of advice to an artist just starting out what would that be?” This is part 2 of 3. Find the first installation: Episode 8 (1 of 3)   SHOW QUOTES 1. Put miles on the brush…or pencil. – Suzy Smith 2. Don’t put your focus on sales. Focus instead on finding yourself, finding your medium, finding your motivation and drive. Once you have a portfolio you are proud of, start showing it off. – Archer May Dougherty 3. Not everything you make is a Grandslam. Sometimes you strike out but see each piece leading to the other and so forth. It is a constant practice and learning experience. – Matthew F. Dougherty 4. Contracts are your friends. – Emily J Moore 5. Read dali’s book. 50 secrets of magic craftsmanship, published 1948. Memorize them all!! – Norm Goodwin 6. Curb the ego and work. – Jeremy Cross 7. Don’t b