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EP006 - How Men Can Find the Right Partner



Like us on Facebook and Instagram! And check out our growing Resource page. As a heads up, this episode is primarily focussed on men finding the right partner. Myke has a really interesting story. He came to Canada from the Phillipines as a teenager in high school, having never seen a microwave or white people. He couldn’t speak English, was overweight, and was incredibly shy. After years of loneliness, he dove into the world of Pick-up Artists and started to learn how to be a social, confident man. After doing that for years, he decided to move away from the Pick-Up Artist world, and started his own business as a dating coach. In his own brand, he focusses on helping men find the confidence, and social skills to overcome social anxieties and bad habits, and he does so with integrity. His motto is to always leave women (and men) better then when you found them. Myke can be reached at, and he has free webinars for you to listen in on, and get some tips to find your ideal partner, build